A "Bob-Cast" and Another New Year!



So last night I did the first "Bob-Cast" from my home studio. Streaming LIVE audio and video from my website while playing and chatting with friends was certainly a hoot!

I've been working on this concept for many months now. Finally, after much testing to get the audio and video quality I expected, it came together for this first 'cast. 

The inaugural broadcast was kind of s spontaneous happening. I was talking with my good friend Jack Dixey earlier in the afternoon. Jack was in Florida on business. I mentioned that I was probably going to do a LIVECAST from my website later in the evening around 8 PM. Jack said he would look for it and check in. I told Jack there was a chat program on my website also and that he could log in and chat with me and any others in the chat room.

Just before 8 PM, I logged into my website and put up a message that I would start streaming at 9 PM EST. At 9 PM I fired things up and off we went! Jack was "in da house" and ready. At this point, Jack almost single-handedly made my first 'cast a success. My wife and I put a quick note on Facebook as I started the broadcast. But Jack not only put it on two of his Facebook accounts right then, he called a half dozen of his friends in several states and invited them to check in as well! 

In a short while we had ten people in the chat room as well as others who were just watching. I was playing guitar and chatting with everyone. Jack had brought in listeners from not only Ohio, but North Carolina and New York. In fact, Jack said "It was like Dixey City Limits Online!". (see below)

So with Jack in Florida, I was able to play for and talk with people in four states at once. Not a bad deal for a guy sitting in his upstairs studio on a cold January night!

I want to thank Jack for his effort helping me make my first live streaming event a success. You see, Jack is Jack Dixey of Dixey City Limits. Dixey City Limits is a "happening" that artists and art lovers alike love to attend. It's a great event. Actually it's a series of events. Some named Cornival, Spring Fling and Winterfest as well as a myriad of others. Much like house parties of yesteryear, people bring covered dishes and finger food. Eclectic artists perform music, comedy and storytelling.

Jack has hosted ninety-nine of these events in roughly fifteen years! The 100th event will be held Feb. 6, 2016 at the "Chome" of Jack's good friend, Paul Lintern. It's located in Mansfield, Ohio at the corner of Park and Marion Avenues. You see, Paul lives in a church and is an ordained minister as well. Paul and Jack are great hosts and great guys!

"Winterfest" begins at 7 PM. You really ought to experience it. It's also a hoot! 


Bob and Lenny Hoffman circa 2000 at Dixey City Limits

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