A "Bob-Cast" and Another New Year! 



So last night I did the first "Bob-Cast" from my home studio. Streaming LIVE audio and video from my website while playing and chatting with friends was certainly a hoot!

I've been working on this concept for many months now. Finally, after much testing to get the audio and video quality I expected, it came together for this first 'cast. 

The inaugural broadcast was kind of s spontaneous happening. I was talking with my good friend Jack Dixey earlier in the afternoon. Jack was in Florida on business…

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Welcome to 2015! 

Yes, time marches on! It's hard to believe  how fast it seems to go. Especially as one gets older!

That being said, I thank the Lord each day for a myriad of things He does for me. One of the things He does is to allow me to continue playing and sharing music with you. I pray that it continues as long as He desires. God gave me a talent for music and led me as I developed it. He still leads me. And I believe He allows me to express His immense Love for us through my guitar. Not only is it very humbling, I…

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What's New? 


It's been a while since I've blogged about anything! So, I thought I'd just mention a few things I've been doing over the past year.

Some of you know that I had surgery in Jan. of 2012. I'm happy to report that all went fine and I feel great! I've maintained my weight for over a year now. Recent doctor visits have had positive results. I'm feeling more focused and have more energy. Thanks to all doctors and nurses and thanks to the Man for giving me the warning signs, even if I didn't listen for a…

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End of Summer Updates! 


August is almost over. Where does the time go??!!


Bob Cox and Friends has a brand new Facebook page. Please check it out and consider leaving a "like".


School starts soon. I will be teaching in three or possibly four school systems this fall. That will keep me busy!


Gabriel arrived from Ghana on July 22, to be with his new family. More info is on the Store page of the website.


The song "I'll Fly Away" from my CD Quiet Reflections has now been licensed by two different independent…

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Friends & New Toys 


B C & F had a great time last night. We had friends and relatives in the restaurant that included John Medley, Walt and Becky Stauffer and Harold and Kathy Bricker.

 Jim Smith got to play his brand new and gorgeous dw drum set. It sounded great! I got to play with a new wah wah pedal (an effect which I haven't used since the 70's!).  So, we were both excited!  

Dane and Dan didn't have any new toys, but they did have some new licks! They never fail to play some great solos as well as being rock…

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Cabin Fever 

A good place to cure your cabin fever while waiting for spring is at the Cabin near Mifflin. Come see us Friday March, 4th (and every Friday). We'll be there from 7:00 - 9:30 PM. Good fun, good food, and good music!

We'll be playing a mix of jazz, blues and pop music. You're sure to have fun!

Kosta's 21st Anniversary Party 

Bob Cox and Friends had a great time this past Thursday night. We played for Kosta's twenty-first anniversary party. Kosta's is located on W. 4th St. in Mansfield, Ohio.

The weather forecast was for ice or a wintry mix followed by heavy snow. When the gig was over, we still hadn't received any of it. However, early Friday morning (as you know!) the snow hit the proverbial fan.

In any event, we had a great time and so did the people in attendance. We are looking forward to playing at Kosta's this summer on…

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